Hotel Information

A hotel is a facility that provides short term accommodation to guests at a fee. Hotela such asa  cotswold country hotel also offer restaurant services, entertainment, conferencing facilities, outside catering services and they also serve as venues for social events and corporate events.

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Who would use a hotel?

Traditionally hotels were meant to offer accommodation to tourists and people who may be travelling for business purposes, however, this has changed over time. Hotels are open to members of the public, irrespective of whether they are local or visitors, and therefore anyone who can afford their services is at liberty to use them.

Hotels are also used by corporations as venues for different events, meetings, conferencing facility as well as accommodation for their staff members and clients. Social organisations, governments, non-governmental organisations and community based groups can also utilise hotels for various events and accommodation.

What types of hotel is there?

Hotels can be classified into different categories based on their amenities, the quality of the amenities and services as well as their target clientele. With respect to this, hotels range from boutique hotels to luxury hotels. Boutique hotels are small usually non branded hotels providing basic services while luxury hotels offer excellent luxurious amenities to their guests.

The hotels can also be classified according to their size into small, medium, large, mega and chain hotels. Usually large, mega and chain hotels are further classified based on their rating , one to five star rating, which is usually based on the quality of services and amenities.

Why do people use hotels?

Hotels are a convenient source of accommodation since they usually have different specialists at the disposal of guests. The guests need not worry about catering, housekeeping, security or even laundry during their stay. This way, guests can concentrate on relaxation or business.

Hotels have a wide variety of activities to cater for people with different interests and age groups. Therefore, if travelling as a family or group, there are activities that are fit for different members. This gives parents and caregivers time to relax since they do not need to keep coming up with activities to keep the family or group busy and entertained.

The restaurants or eating joints in hotels have a variety of dishes ensuring that guests can eat and drink whatever they like during their stay, unlike other accommodation facilities where the menu may be limited.

Most hotels are conveniently located near social amenities and tourist attraction sites. This way, the guests can easily access malls, museums and other areas of interest. Some hotels will even organise excursions and shopping trips for their guests, increasing the convenience for them.

When do people use hotels?

People can use hotels when their homes are being renovated, when they need a break from day to day life, when travelling away from their home town or even when hosting different social events. Hotels can also be used for vacations and holidays for families, to provide entertainment services and when meeting up with friends or family members for an afternoon or evening of catching up.